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Friday, May 06, 2011

Southern Travels

I've had a busy work week which hasn't left me a lot of time to work on my sewing projects.  Instead, I wanted I would share some pictures of our recent trip to Savannah, Georgia.

I have family in Savannah and so the hubby and I try to make it out there at least once a year.  It's one of our favorite places in the U.S... so much so that we got married there back in 2004.  Even though we travel there so frequently, we still  like to play tourist.  I think you can take it for granted when you go there so frequently so we tried to see things that we haven't seen before or at least in a few years.

This year, my mission was to see some alligators.  We seem to have been going in the winter recently, so they're always hibernating.  We were not too lucky this year though, as we went to the wildlife reserve only to find that the main trail was closed until June.  Oh well.  So we took a little walk down one of the side trails and were able to spot one lone gator.

If you look really closely, you can see the gator in the middle of the picture.

We also went to the Bonaventure Cemetery.  You may know this cemetery from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. One of Savannah's big tourist draws.  Well, the statue from the cover of the book is no longer there (it's in a museum) but there are some beautiful, old headstones of old Savannah families. 

You can also see Moon River from the cemetery.  That song has a special place in my heart and it was our first dance at our wedding.

Moon River.... Wider than a mile...
A trip to Savannah deserves a visit to River Street.

View of the bridge from River Street

It's filled with lots of touristy shops and restaurants, but it also has the ultimate Southern treat... River Street Sweets!


Bear claws...

And pralines, oh my!

And best of all, we had breakfast on Tybee Island at the Breakfast Club. Probably the best place in the area for a greasy spoon meal.  I love them for their pecan waffles, but from what I've been told, you can't really go wrong with anything on the menu.

Yup. That is butter pooling up in the waffle grid.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Check in tomorrow for a special Sweet Treat Saturday.  I made praline pecan cake to get me in a Southern cookin' kinda mood.

Savannah's Waving Girl

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  1. Great post! I love the cemetery - so atmospheric and beautiful. Also Moon River and that beautiful bridge. Looks like a lovely trip :)


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