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A little background for you... my mom signed me up for sewing lessons as a kid, but the only thing that I remember of it was making a pair of pajama bottoms out of a terrycloth towel.  As an adult I was fed up that I couldn't even thread a sewing machine.  So I signed up for a basic machine class and made a small quilt.  From there my love of sewing was born.  I started making clothing around September of 2010 and have continued to expand my closet ever since.

I love to constantly try new things, especially where crafting is concerned.  In addition to sewing I knit (more than beginner but don't have the patience to develop past intermediate), crochet, and cross-stitch.  I've started 3 quilts since I started sewing, but have only ever finished one of them.  I hope to make that 2 by the end of 2012!

In 2006, a good friend and I started a bakery called What's Up, Cupcake?  We kept at it for over a year but were both working full-time and didn't want to burn out of a hobby we loved.  Now, I bake for fun, and to share goodies with family and friends.  Every Saturday I post a Sweet Treats recipe – a recipe of my own or one that I've found through fellow bloggers.  Check out some of my favorite baking bloggers on the links page.

In addition to crafts, I do Irish step dancing and Scottish Highland dancing.  I'm learning the piano accordion and the banjo.  I live in Northern California with my husband, dog, and kitties.

Thank you for stopping by What's Up, Cupcake? I hope you enjoy my blog and follow along in my sewing and baking adventures.

Email me at: craftycupcakeblog@gmail.com
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