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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

With my birthday fast approaching, I decided to treat myself to some vintage patterns from a couple of my favorite Etsy shops.

I decided to stick to patterns that didn't require too much tinkering (upsizing, etc) as I encountered some bumps in the progress of my Peggy dress.  I'm still new to the world of sewing garments, especially vintage ones so I wanted to stick with something as close to my size as possible.

I'm having so much fun making all of these girly dresses though! I picked up a few more...

And check out the envelope that this came in? I'm just impressed with the amount/variety of stamps that fit onto the envelope.


  1. Happy Birthday! How lovely (LOL at that envelope!) - I've got the dress pattern top left too. Lots of variety here - I love the unusual coat/dress and pleated dress, bottom centre and right. Can't wait to see these made up!

  2. Happy birthday! The vintage dress patterns look great! I'm jealous! Looking forward to your creations using the patterns. Have fun.


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