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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back into the sewing room...

I was out of commission with a bad cold this weekend, passed on by the hubby.  You would think I would catch them from all of the kids in the dance classes that I go to but in the end, it just took him getting a cold.  This did dampen my plans for a dance filled weekend, but then again, rain in June helped as well.  I was supposed to take part in a Highland dance competition but it ended up being cancelled because of the freakish (for June in California) weather.

So, I spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself as I went through boxes of tissues and a full season of Dexter.  I did, however, force myself to dust off my craft table and start sewing some of the projects I've had on the back burner.

Simon was very excited to see me back in the room and instantly made himself comfortable on my sewing table.

I started with a dress that I've been working on for a while, but in the end decided that I wanted to start up again with an easier project, in particular, Simplicity 3673.  It's a 1950's retro dress - a pattern that I picked up when I first started sewing about a year ago.  The plaid fabric has enough 'me' in it and also would be suitable for work.  So I set to cutting out the piece (only 4, yes!) and pieced together the top.  The fabric frays... a lot.  The top is lined but the skirt isn't.  I have enough lining fabric that I may end up lining it as well.

Attached the lining.  Ready to turn the top inside out.
The top is almost done.
The dress is coming along, but now for the hard part... the skirt has a lot of darts.  Once those have been sewn in, I just need to piece together the bottom half to the finished top and add the zipper.  

It feels good to be back to sewing!  Once this dress is done, I plan on working on the more complicated pattern and also start cutting out my dance jacket.  


  1. Welcome back - the bodice is wonderful. I miss your posts when you're not around!

  2. Thanks Pammie! It's good to be back. I feel so out of the loop with crafting and catching up on my favorite blogs. I have a lot of reading to do over the next few days! Luckily, I've also clocked some serious hours behind the sewing machine in just the last few days so I should have a lot more updates coming up!


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