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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blind Hem Stitch

While doing the blind hem stitch for my recent Simplicity dress, I decided to document the process so I could share it and also use it as a future reference for myself.  It was really easy to do, but I did initially have to watch a couple of videos to make sure I was folding everything in the proper direction, etc.  This video was particularly helpful: YouTube.

Here are the steps to do the blind hem stitch:

1. Press and sew an initial hem to keep everything clean.  Then fold over to the desired length of the finished hem.  Press into place.

2. Flip under the fold so that your original hem meets up with an edge of the inside of the garment.  Pin into place.

The edge is where the blind stitch will enter the garment.
3. Attach your blind hem foot and set your stitch to the blind hem stitch.  It's a straight line with V's that jut out every few stitches.  Line up the blind hem foot with the crease touching the middle of the foot.

When you begin stitching, make sure that the V's are catching the very edge of the garment, otherwise it won't catch and your hem will not exist.

4.  Unpin and unfold.  You should now have a nicely hemmed garment.

Right side of the garment view.

Inside the garment.

Closer peek of what the hem stitch catches should look like.

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  1. Hi there- found you through I Heart Naptime's hop and am a new follower. This sounds pretty easy- thanks for the tute! I just need a sewing machine now! I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by http://withoutcomplexities.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend!


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