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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The 'Back to Baby' Nursing Cover

Yup, it's baby stuff again.

I can't wait to be able to make clothes - mainly dresses - to wear, but I do like all of these mini projects. They're so fast and easy and are a great way to go through your stash... I highly recommend things like the burp cloths or this nursing cover if you need a gift for a preggers friend.

Nothing to see here...
Anyways.  I was looking for more stash busting, fast projects, and found this awesome tutorial from Clover and Violet.  Actually, I found quite a few tutorials on nursing covers, but I liked the shape of hers the best.  Keep in mind that I have actually yet to have used a nursing cover, but the design of this one was pretty cute and seemed fast.  I did make some mods due to laziness and lack of being able to find some of the right materials.

The Facts

Fabric: Leftover solid grey cotton and polka dot cotton from previous dresses.  Free dolla!
Pattern: None, just Clover and Violet's tutorial.
Notions: 2 D-Rings. They called for sliding straps but I could not, for the life of me, find them at JoAnn's.  They had kind of similar notions but not what they recommended. I was pretty surprised as my JoAnn's generally carries most of what I need and it didn't look like they were out of it... just that they didn't carry them. Oh well, the D-Rings worked.  Oh, and some boning, again, already had on hand from a previous project.
Time to Complete: Maybe an hour? Super fast!
Total cost: About $2 for the D-Rings, but the pack came with two sets so I can make another one.

So I don't have a lot to write about the pattern as it was pretty straight-forward.  I decided to use a grey with pink polka-dots for the top piece, and solid grey for the base.  I omitted the pocket. After talking to a friend who uses a nursing cover regularly, she said if I used it for anything it would be a pacifier... she actually recommended putting a towel or other washcloth attached to the inside but for the purposes of this project, I just left it basic.

Also, I did not do the folded over finish. I used my serger to finish all of the seams which made it a lot faster and easier to complete.  I'm pretty lazy.

To keep the boning in place - which, btw, I used 14" instead of the recommended 12" because I'm bustier and thought that would make it easier to see baby - I just used a little heart decorative stitch from my machine.

Oh, and lastly, I omitted the second set of straps she uses in the back.  The cover provides good coverage and didn't seem to want to flap open on the sides.  I'm sure with a moving baby I may regret that decision, but I figured that I could shift the cover over slightly if needed.  The cover already is pretty wide so I'm not that concerned.

And there you have it!  Another quick project and less fabric hanging out around my house.

I was shocked they let me sit in 'their' chair.

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  1. Hooray for quick projects! I love the colors you chose :)


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