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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Little Man Shorts

I've been working on little sewing projects for the last couple of weeks but I've finally made my first garment in a while.  I'm so happy with how this project turned out.

I've been complaining about the lack of patterns for baby boys, when I stumbled across Sew Charleston's blog.  She had recently made baby shorts as a gift and I instantly clicked over to see where she found the pattern.

Dana, over on the Made blog, had come up with a shorts pattern for kids. I love them for a few reasons:

- the basic pattern is so cute, but she offers so many variations and modifications that you can do. This includes making a shorter, 'racer' short, adding pockets to the front or back, flat front or elastic all the way around... there are so many options!
- the sizing is for 12months to 10 years. I can use this pattern for so many more shorts!!! As Ian grows up, if I have more babies... because....
- it's for boys AND girls!
- The price is right! It was only $6 for the whole pattern set. Love. It.

I ran out to get some fabric. A pair of shorts for a baby boy takes up less than half a yard. That can't be beat! I got a couple of options, just to test the waters, and made up the 18 months size.

Let's backtrack a little. Aside from having my own baby boy to sew for, my girlfriend back in California was getting ready to celebrate the first birthday of her own little boy, Dylan.  I was so sad that I couldn't be there to celebrate, and wanted to make something a little more personal.  She has been an amazing support system to me with the birth of Ian and I wanted to make something special.

Her husband is a deep sea fisherman, and avid hunter. I had to tie that in somehow. Oh, and the theme for her little man's birthday? Pirates! So I found two prints that would be perfect... ocean waves with pirate ships, and camo!

I was able to quickly whip up the two shorts. I made the camo version as a regular length, flat front short. I did the pirate ship in the 'racer' style with bias tape trim. I decided to omit pockets because I didn't think her baby boy would need them just yet. I added a little cupcake ribbon tag into the back of the shorts, to help identify the front and back, and to add a professional touch.  All of the exposed seams are serged so there's no risk of it unraveling with use from an active little boy,

Can I tell you how fun it is to make such little garments? Not only are they fast to sew, but they are so adorable and mini... I couldn't stop showing them off to anyone who was around to see them.  I think my husband did a great job at matching my enthusiasm and he only scared me a little when he said 'will they fit?'  Well... I hope so! Though her little man was turning 1, I made the 18 months size because I assumed sizing would be similar to the clothing industry... in which you can typically wear the size until the date. So my little man, who is almost 7 months old, would wear the 12 months version. Baby Dylan, just turning 12 months, should then be ok for the 18 months size. Fingers crossed.

I shipped off the shorts and was excited a few days later to receive some pictures from my girlfriend. The shorts fit great and Dylan looks even more adorable in them! Or is it that the shorts are adorable because of him? I don't know, but look at this little guy - isn't he the cutest??

Now I can't wait to scrounge up some more bits of fabric to make them for Ian and for other babies with birthdays coming up!


  1. Look at his adorable smile!!!!! He is sooo cute. ANd I love the little man shorts too.

  2. Oh how cute. I'm starting to really miss sewing tiny little things. The last hoodie I made for Elijah I kept looking at thinking I bet I could wear this.

  3. Oh darling! Thanks for these links! Just gorgeous and you'll have to make a bunch for your little man! It's getting warmer here, so I might be able to sew a few for our summer! xoxo

  4. These are incredible! I especially like the pirate ship pair. Seems like they fit great and there's plenty of room to keep growing in. I really like the idea of being able to pick the patterns we like for our sons' shorts :-)

  5. What a cute little guy your girlfriend's baby is, and he looks very happy in those great shorts your stitched up for him! What a great gift! ... Those kitchen sink blondies look fantastic! Happy fall! :)


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