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Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Bo Peep... and her Sheep

Those of you who follow What's Up, Cupcake? on Facebook and Twitter may have seen my costume dilemmas.  This was actually a very fun and easy costume to make, the only challenge was that the cover drawing on the pattern was very much an animation, so I wasn't sure how long the dress would actually be.

I started by adding two inches to the skirt, but it was... umm...  scandalous.  I had to go back and re-cut the skirt (luckily I had enough fabric), adding four inches this time. I also made Colette's Madeline Bloomers as back-up in case any big gusts of wind came by.  The extra inches helped, and I was able to finish off my costume.  The hubby was also willing to go along with the theme (such a trooper) and so I drafted up a sheep costume for him.

Fabric: Blue and white cotton for Bo Peep, fuzzy sherpa-type fabric for the sheep.
Pattern: Simplicity 2072 for Little Bo Peep.  None for the sheep.
Notions: Lace trim for Bo Peep's sleeves.

We had a fun Halloween.  Our neighborhood gets a lot of trick or treaters and some of the houses get pretty into it.  We just carved some pumpkins, I took my little dance sister out for candy, and afterwards the hubby and I sat out decked out in our gear, giving out candy.  Hope you all had a fun Halloween too!


  1. I too have just bought this pattern. It's cool to see a drawing actually made up. Your dress is lovely.


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