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Friday, January 27, 2012

Featured Friend: Meg the Grand

You read that title right! If you've been following from the start (or peeked back into the archives), you'll see that I used to have a feature interviewing fellow bloggers.  Well, I fell off the wagon. However, since becoming more involved and interactive with other bloggers, I wanted to revive that feature and start introducing some of the other talented people that I follow in our online community.

So I return this feature with the lovely Meg of Meg the Grand.  Her contributions to the Sew Weekly and her blog posts are so fun.  She's a talented seamstress and always has great pictures showcasing her projects... and has excellent taste in tv shows.  Located in the Windy City, one day we hope to meet and have the ultimate California (or Chicago - I'd love to go there too) Accordion Sewing Extravaganza Meet-Up!  Until then, read on for the interview with Meg:

What inspires you?  
Colors inspire me.  While I realize that black, grey, and white are all completely necessary for the corporate environment I work in (I'm in Human Resources), I LOVE color.  Orange is my favorite color, but lately I've taken to wearing a lot of pink.  I'm on Pinterest, and my Sewing Inspiration board is full of things that I would love to make. Overall, I enjoy classic looks and curved lines - I'm a curvy person and I embrace that.

What is your craft space like? 
My craft space is an absolute disaster.  I wish I could say it was organized and I knew where everything was, but in the effort to be 100% honest, my space consists of piles of upcoming projects, refashions, pattern pieces that need to go back into their respective gallon zip lock bag, and pieces of fabric that just don't fit on the shelves.  It doesn't help that as I unpack boxes from our move three months ago, I find fabric wrapped around breakables. I don't know about any other sewing enthusiasts out there, but since people have found out that I am a seamstress, I seem to be getting fabric from all directions!  Between my Grandmother's old craft stash (an entire closet full), a woman's fabric hoard from her storage locker (approximately 8 garbage bags), and my parents and their friends (boxes every few months), I've been supplied with enough fabric and refashion items to last for several years.
Let us in on your stash... what’s coming, what’s in progress, what are you stumped with?  
I'm currently working on a jacket, a cape, two dresses, a robe and my Little Mermaid costume for the Disney World Princess Half Marathon.  I like working with a few projects at once, as you can tell!  

What is your favorite craft to work with? (Sewing, knitting, etc) 
Definitely sewing, though I've just bought my first embroidery book and I am so eager to learn!  I would love to start working embroidery into some of my outfits that I am creating for the Sew Weekly challenges.  

What is your favorite thing that you’ve created so far?  
It's a toss up: I love my snowflake jammies (I wear these all the time) or my flannel Annie Savoy skirt, but skill wise, I would have to say my Colette Ceylon is my favorite piece - it took the most effort, but came out exactly the way I had hoped.

Where can I read more? 
You can find me at  http://megthegrand.blogspot.com/ or onPinterest


  1. Christine, you are just too fabulous for words. Thank you so much for having me as your Featured Friend!! I am completely honored and ever so grateful! Now, let's start planning our Chicago/California visits ... ;)

  2. I vote California, but then I might be biased...

  3. Fabby! I just love that Meg :)


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