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Friday, April 27, 2012

Featured Friend: Oona Balloona

Hold on to your seats dear readers, because this week we're hanging out with the glamorous Oona from oonaballoona!  How I managed anything in the blogging world before discovering Oona over at the Sew Weekly (in her feature section Oona Does It), I'll never know, but from her fun posts and gorgeous creations, I feel like I know the girl.  Seriously, just try to read her blog without imagining her speaking to you right there.  I love her writing style - she's so much fun, and she didn't dissapoint in this interview either.  Enjoy!

What inspires you?

the sewing blogisphere, most definitely.  the rage and jealousy i experience when seeing other people's glorious creations (like my lovely host's very own oilcloth raincoat) can only be assuaged by ripping off the garment completely and unashamedly.  well, there's a little shame... but mostly there's bratty happy dancing.  i love to go down the pinterest rabbit hole; following my favorite sewists there and seeing what inspires them is hugely entertaining.  i used to spend the inspiration hour over at burdastyle, but i feel it's become so huge it's hard to navigate.  i love to troll and drool at the sew weekly!

What is your craft space like?

ever changing, apparently (but never without a beverage).  i'm 3,000 miles away from my actual space, and i've set up a little sewing studio here in my temporary digs.  though i'm only equipped with a straight stitch (featherweight 221) there's much more square footage here!  i've taken over the dining room and half of the living room.  my ironing board follows the sun as the day goes on, and i've been known to haul every bit of my arsenal out to sew by the pool.  BECAUSE IT'S THERE.

if my space isn't properly organized, i can't do a thing.  a little voice inside me says: NOW, and when it pipes up i have to stop what i'm doing, take three minutes to whirlwind re-organize and clean, then i'm off and running with scissors again.  i also like to keep arrangements of colorful happy things around that are always in danger of being knocked off the table by yards of fabric.  

Let us in on your stash... what's coming, what's in progress, what are you stumped with?

well, my stash just grew to a dizzying weight after a wonderful expedition with cation designs.  i'm at that point of looking at the goods and deciding what's next, which is my favorite moment, like being on the edge of the high dive board.  i don't really plan what's coming, something just pops into my head, or a color or print appeals, and i grab it.  i do usually have several things in progress, because i've learned that i get mad at a garment when i've looked at it too long.  so i juggle my creations to keep it fresh.  i'll also hold off on finishing something if i don't know which way to go... there's a pretty blue flowered sundress that's been hanging on my "garment rack" (side of a door) for three weeks now because i don't know how i want to finish the neckline.  and i'm absolutely stumped with a mod mini dress made out of a turquoise and gold print with burnout black chiffon side panels.    

What is your favorite craft to work with?

sewing, absolutely!  i've always been crafty, i've gone through jewelry, knitting, painting, making cards... while i love all of those past obsessions nothing has stuck like sewing.  i dreamt the other night i was offered a free ride to FIDM on the basis of 25 garments, and i woke up blissed out.  just think of the school supplies.

What is your favorite thing you've created so far?

that's hard, because i am Oh So Very Talented.  no, really, i am.  WHAT.

actually, i tend to think whatever i'm working on is my most favorite thing i've ever made, usually proclaiming this in ear piercing tones to ruggy and the surrounding vicinity... and then i do something along the way to F it up.  it's a toss up between my tiki tiki tavi bomshell dress, and my teal lace campbell apartment dress.  illuminating... lately i'm making full gathered skirts, but my two faves are more hip hugging.  must look into that.  thank you, dr. cupcake.

Where can i read more?

i'm always drinking-- erm, excuse me, chilling over at my blog: oonaballoona, and i just love me some pinterest.  i'm still over at the sew weekly doing it oona style, but i've pared it back to monthly challenges in favor of having a bit of my life back!  you ladies that take on weekly challenges: i tip my martini glass to you.  after that, i'm over at burdastylecraftsy, and twitter (@KalkatroonaOona), in that particular order of appearance.  i'll be honest, i'm still figuring out le tweets...

thanks for having me over, miss cupcake!  


  1. Love that Oona - great feature!

  2. Me too!!! Love that Oona!!! Fabby interview!

  3. Nice! Great interview.


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