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Monday, July 23, 2012

Checking In

Sorry for the lack of posts. So much has been going on... between house guests, work, dance, life, etc... I haven't had much time for sewing and have been so pre-occupied physically and mentally.  I have made a dent in two needlecraft projects.  One baby blanket for a wonderful friends' baby shower in a couple of weeks, and my other crochet blanket that I've been working on since the dawn of time (or last November).  I hope to finish the baby blanket this week, and well... I hope to finish the other blanket before its one year anniversary of casting on, but I really can't promise anything.

We're going away for a few days for a little R&R.  I will hopefully get this time to mentally get back in the sewing game, and maybe even meet up with a fellow blogger.  I'll keep you posted, and I promise I won't be gone for too much longer.  And of course, keep looking for the regular Sweet Treats posts. Those are still coming to you every Saturday!


  1. Go de-stress and rest! Beautiful picture!

  2. Enjoy your time away, and I hope you get many chances to relax :)


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