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Monday, December 06, 2010

Another Colette winner, the Rooibos dress

Another dress done, another favorite to add to my closet.  My only regret with this dress is that the weather isn't warmer so I could wear it all the time.  I think I'm just going to have to pair it up with some leggings and a sweater so I can wear it all winter long.

Colette's patterns continue to amaze me. They're so easy to follow along and I have loved the outcome of every one.

I love the fit and the design of this dress! As I mentioned before, I had some 'learning experiences' while making this, but they taught me a lot and I feel like I can better understand some sewing techniques I didn't have a grasp of before.

The pockets are great. Just the right size and I love the accent fabric that I ended up going with.

I can't wait to make this dress again. I think I'll make it in a heaver fabric and maybe add some sleeves so that I won't feel too silly wearing it in the winter.  But this one will be the perfect Spring/Summer dress.


  1. So adorable! Great job!

  2. That's great and the colour really suits you. The accents are pretty. Could you slip a long-sleeved t-shirt under it? You might get to wear it a bit sooner if you could. Great job!

  3. This is gorgeous! I haven't tried this pattern yet but your version makes it very tempting...

  4. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Beautiful the colour and fit on you!


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