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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crochet Shawl... I mean, Scarf

When I first signed up for Ravelry, I accidently purchased a crochet pattern: the Crocus Bud Shawl.  For some reason, I had missed the fact that patterns could be for either knitting or crochet... and I only knew the former.  I promised myself that one day I would learn to crochet just so I could make the shawl.

Before blocking
Well, I didn't end up learning to crochet just for that pattern, but I did instantly run and dust it off.  I was happy to discover that it was a fairly easy pattern and consisted of stitches that were similar to my first crochet lesson.  I busted out a sock yarn from my stash (as I just don't have the motivation to make a pair of socks) and whipped out this shawl... Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yarn to make a long, drapey shawl, however once it was blocked, it still made a nice scarf.

During blocking
I really enjoyed working on the pattern though so I'm ready to cast it on with some lace weight yarn I've been saving for a similar project.


  1. That's a really cute scarf/shawl! You've inspired me to learn to crochet in the new year.

  2. If you sew the ends together, it looks like it is short enough to make a really pretty cowl. Those are so popular these days and they don't fall off your shoulders. I love the color, too!


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