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Friday, January 28, 2011

Featured Friend Friday! Veronica Darling

This month I'd like to introduce you to: Veronica Darling!  Another one of my favorite bloggers who not only makes gorgeous garments, but also always has amazing photos of her projects on her blog.  She is also one of the selected bloggers to participate in the Sew Weekly challenge where she will be sewing a garment for every week for the next year.  It's a great challenge that I'm envious she can keep up with.  Now I give you, Veronica Darling:

What inspires you?
To sew I need to think a lot about materials, about patterns and how it'll all go together, so I often find a lot of inspiration being in my (neat) sewing room looking at my fabrics or flicking through my vintage patterns. But in general I get inspired by conversations with my friends, by the newspaper, but stories, by things online, by everything really! I love print fabrics and I love vintage stylings, so any of those older things makes me happy!

What is your craft space like?
In the last 6 months we moved to Melbourne, and into a larger house with an even larger spare room that got to be my sewing room, and it wasn't really until this Christmas period where I ordered everything and made sure all my stuff was unpacked. As I work mainly with vintage or second hand materials, I have become a bit of a hoarder, but now I'm not cramped into the spare bedroom/book room/sewing room. My aim this year is to use only my stash, and try and avoid new things (even from the op shop) as much as possible. 
I love the suitcases in the back of the room!

Let us in on your stash... what’s coming, what’s in progress, what are you stumped with?
I always have a few projects and personal challenges on the go! I'm preparing for more of the Sew Weekly Challenge, where we are sewing a garment a week, all different garments, but with the same theme each week. I'm also planning on sewing up some darling vintage patterns that a pen pal, Amanda, sent me to test out for her. So hopefully more sewing!
Oh! I'm also in the middle of crocheting a massive king sized blanket for our bed, and I'd like to finish it before winter!
What is your favorite craft to work with? (Sewing, knitting, etc)
Totally sewing, I feel there's so much different creativity going on there and I feel I've got so much more to do with sewing before I master another craft completely. I'd love to draft my own patterns, like see a dress somewhere, and start to think exactly how to draft it. I rely a lot on vintage patterns for my styling, but I do feel limited that I can't break out of those restrictions.

What is your favorite thing that you’ve created so far?
For me, the last thing I make is always the fave, until I make the next one. I'm a bit in love still with this Chanel inspired dress I made last week, because I haven't worn it yet! It's my wedding anniversary next week, so hopefully I'll give it a whirl then!

Where can I read more? Etsy, Ravelry, Twitter, blog, etc.  (You don’t have to share all)
I'm Veronica Darling on everything! I'm addicted to social media, and have loved the craft world online, so if you search 'Veronica Darling Twitter' you'll sure to find me there (and Ravelry, Craftster, Burda Style, Tumblr, Pinterest, Etsy - although I don't have any things in my shop at the moment!)
But you can look at veronicadarling.blogspot.com as I daily update.


  1. Super post - I'll be sure to look out for Veronica Darling.

    Like your blog's new look, by the way. x

  2. Thanks! I felt it was time for a change ;) Definitely check out Veronica Darling - if not for her photos alone. They're gorgeous! And she's always showing off wonderful garments.

  3. Thank you for posting about me! xoxo


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