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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bundle of nerves

Tomorrow's the big day! More brown bread has been baked, green krispy treats have been made, cooking up some Champ...

What's the reason for a jumble of nerves? Well, the usual St. Patrick's Day performances as required being an Irish dancer.  This would seem like old hat, but last year I avoided the public displays of dancing (aside from competitions and minor performances) by escaping off to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day.  Not too shabby right? This year, I didn't have that excuse so I'm performing in a few numbers with my dance school.  It's not the usual competition numbers and I've only been doing them for a couple of weeks so I'm just trying to remember the jumble of steps going on in my head.  I do want to know why three steps in one dance I'm doing all start with the same sequence? Not that I don't like the steps but it just adds to the nerves! Anyways, I'll just keep practicing tonight when I'm not... prepping for the big presentation that I have at work first thing tomorrow morning! What?! Yes. I'm a bundle of nerves.

So, since I'm stalling a bit but can't focus on a particular crafty writing topic, how about I show you some of my favorite finds on Etsy?  I found some things on the trip to Seattle, and in general through Etsy's addictive treasury, so here are a few of my favorite finds.

Vintage inspired jewelry from Lauren Blythe Designs.  I love this ring and I picked one up in green.  I also had to have her Nautical Necklace.

When I was in Seattle I saw a shop that had the cutest little earrings!

The Bumbling Bird sells them on Etsy for a ridiculously low $12. Even cuter is their 'baker' necklace with a little muffin tin and whisk. Love! I've added it to my wishlist.

So hopefully your St. Patrick's Day plans are a little more light-hearted! What exciting things do you have planned? And what are your favorite shops to browse on Etsy?


  1. Melinda9:05 PM

    Have fun tomorrow! Keep an eye out for my little pink and green dancerette. Wish I could be there, but traveling to 2 different locations during dinner time with 2 squirrely non-dancers just isn't going to work. LOL I look forward to lots of pictures! ;)

  2. Good luck, dear! I'm sure you'll sail through it all with your beautiful smile. Keeping everything crossed for you, xx

  3. Thanks everyone! It was fun and everything went as planned :) Now just one more performance tonight and then 363 days until the next St. Patrick's Day performances!


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