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Monday, March 07, 2011

A memorial... and a housewarming!

It's with great sadness (well, not too much sadness) that I announce the passing of my sewing machine.  I took it in for a repair as it's long overdue.  It took me 30 minutes to put together this one quilt patch that I've been working on.  It kept jamming, making funny noises at me, and utterly driving me mad.  Finally, it just stopped and I decided to make the trip to my local sewing machine shop.

This one quilt square took me over half an hour with my old machine.
I had to keep unjamming the machine, seam ripping, etc. It finally just pooped out on me.

Of course, once inside and quoted to repair my machine, I realized it was going to cost me half the cost of a new machine to fix it.  Oh, and did I mention they did trade-ins?  It was easy to be woo'd by the fancier machines in the shop, and I admit, I was woo'd.

I came in with my crappy old machine, and left with a fantastic new Viking Emerald 183.  It practically shines don't you think?

Everyone in the house is happier about this machine.  It's quieter, incredibly smooth, my sewing has become much easier, and now, my mood (and blood pressure) has become better.

I still need to learn how to completely use it. The sewing shop I purchased it from does lessons to teach you all of the fancy techniques.  Oh and the feet that it came with! I can't wait to start trying out the new stitches and seams.

Well, the only one who's not happy about this improvement is my cat, who loved to lie on the sewing table as it frantically shook from the old sewing machine in motion.

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