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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quilting progress

I've been making good progress on my quilt project.

I completed all of the inner squares and laid them out to be combined with the inner white borders.  

It's about the size of a twin sized quilt so it's getting pretty large to sew - I admit that I get bored easily doing these long, straight stitches, but I'm almost to the point where I can decide how to proceed with the actual 'quilting' aspect.  Should I take it to a professional, freestyle it on my machine or do it by hand?  I can't decide!  Any suggestions?


  1. With a quilt with this pattern, I think I would machine quilt myself with just straight lines along the edges of the block, or diagonal lines. Use a walking foot for the best results. If you've never done it before, I can give you a few more tips.

  2. Thanks for the tip Elle! I think I will try that out... maybe the diagonal lines. Do you use a clear thread typically or a complimenting color? I don't think I'd want it to be too noticeable as it would just be lines.

  3. The quilt is lovely. I sew, but haven't learned how to quilt yet. I saw you over at The Girl Creative. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Thanks so much.


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