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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring cleaning

Yard cleaning that is.  Our house has some planter boxes on the side yard that have just been calling out to me... well, the weeds had been.  We removed the weeds that were filling them and were left with some perfect garden space.  It gets a decent amount of sun - a few boxes get full sun and the rest partial.  I decided to try my hand at gardening again.

Before... death valley?

I prefer low maintenance plants, but I've been itching to have my own supply of herbs and maybe even a small amount of veggies.  The only thing that had survived the previous owners' garden were a few little strawberry patches.  That would be the base for one of my vegetable boxes.

One of the strawberry patches

One problem I have with gardening (aside from bugs, worms, snails, etc) is that like painting, it's fun until you really get going, but when it's too late to quit, the fun is long gone.  The light morning sun had suddenly become glaring and hot, and what seemed like a few plants had turned into dozens.  However, it's so satisfying seeing your filled planter boxes with the promise of things to come.

Tomatoes galore! As well as some peppers and squash.
The herb garden. Just your basics: basil, thyme, parsley, etc.

We figured out how to turn on the complex sprinkler system, so hopefully my garden won't be too neglected.  I just need to make sure I get out there to check on it regularly and keep the weeds at bay.  Fingers crossed that the plants thrive and love their new home!

After! The filled planter boxes.

Just some flowers that made their way into the garden.

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  1. A thought on prevention of weeds . . .put down a layer of leaves or straw all around the plants. Might not be pretty but it really works to keep those suckers at bay ;) LOOKS AWESOME


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