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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Palette Challenge: Stripe Dress

The Edwardian costumes in Downton Abbey were the first time I had thought about the early 1900's in a way other than flappers.  I loved the costumes in the movie and had to make my own striped dress based off of Mary's striped gown.

Mary's striped dress

I didn't want to overdo the stripes, and I probably wouldn't wear a longer skirt, so I made some modifications to my own version.  I used the Sense and Sensibility 1909 Edwardian Dress pattern as my starting point.  It was easy to do follow but was definitely 'rustic' in the design.

My striped dress! Though it's hard to see the stripes from a distance.

Some modifications that I made included:
- Shortening the skirt length
- Shortening the sleeves (about 6" from the shortest fitted length pattern)
- Added the solid cuff to the sleeves
- Added a green sash to the middle instead of cutting the dress to add the middle waistband

I was worried that I would feel/look like a candy striper but I think the stripes are small enough and more subtle than the bold red and white uniform.  Overall, I think it's a pretty fun spring dress and a nice finale for my Spring Palette.

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  1. That's terribly pretty - what a lovely colour. I think the length of the dress is great on you and very useful, and I can definitely feel a nod to Downton. xx

  2. What a fun dress!

  3. Very pretty dress and perfect for spring. I loved that stripped dress too!


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