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Monday, March 26, 2012

Featured Friend: Miss Crayola Creepy

We're staying local for this month's Featured Friend, Miss Crayola Creepy!  Erin is another California girl/sewing blogger/kitty mama who is also one of the hosts of the awesome Sew Colette challenge.  Participants are sewing their way through all of the patterns of the Colette handbook.  Between Erin's blog and Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones, tutorials and project parades are being hosted throughout the year.  It's been a fun challenge so far and I love following along on their two blogs.  So read on for more on Miss Crayola Creepy!

What inspires you?
I don't want to come off as being corny, but all of YOU inspire me! Everyday I can't wait to check out my Google Reader and see what you have all been making. I get inspired by your color combinations, pattern choices, alterations, fabrics, tutorials, etc. I have even made a Pinterest board dedicated to all the sewing inspiration I get from you guys. Not only is everyone so talented, but nice too! We are lucky to "know" each other. When I need help or need inspiration I always turn to the sewing community first.
When I come across fabrics or color combinations from magazines that I like, I put them on my inspiration board above my sewing machine. When I see the fabrics it reminds me of what is in my stash and the color combinations inspire me for future projects.
What is your craft space like?
I try to keep my space organized, for the most part. It's not because I am a neat freak, but because I don't want my cats jumping on my desk and messing things up or worse, hurting themselves! Stella is known to shred papers (RIP Simplicity 2591) and Lebron pulls pins out of the pin cushion and tries to eat them.

My desk top is kept pretty bare other than a small ironing board, lamp, a small jar of buttons (more fashion that function), a candle, and my sewing machine. To the right I have a bookshelf with multiple purposes. The top shelf is used to hold all of my sewing books and mending projects that I keep putting off. The middle shelf holds all my rulers and muslin fabric. The bottom shelf stores lucky neko figures because I am not sure where else to put them at the moment. Technically the room is my husband's room, but he has slowly been moved out as I "need" more space for sewing . Don't feel sorry for him, he has all the room in the world in the garage!
Let us in on your stash... what’s coming, what’s in progress, what are you stumped with?
Last year in an attempt to stay organized I made a page on my blog where I could list all of my past, present, and future projects. When I finish a project I cross it off and add a link to the blog post about it. If there isn't a line through it then it's one I want to make in the future. 
This year I decided that 2012 was going to be "The Year of Colette" and I was going to make one of their patterns each month. I have started with the patterns in the handbook, but also plan on sewing Clovers, Rooibos, Peony, and Macaroon. It's not quite twelve, so I will just have to buy more, darn it ;)

What is your favorite craft to work with? 
Garment sewing has my heart, but I have also been taking quilting classes to learn the basics. What I love about quilting is that the finished product doesn't have to "fit," so quilts make great gifts for friends and family. It's also fun sitting with the ladies in my class every week and talking about books and movies.
Recently my friend inspired me with her amazing embroidery, so I have been trying to learn some simple stitches. My goal is to eventually embellish some of the clothing and quilts that I make with some of Jenny Hart's cute designs.
What is your favorite thing that you’ve created so far?
My favorite thing that I have created so far would have to be a quilt that I made for my mother in law. It was a "mystery quilt" which I started in July 2011 and finished in December 2011, just in time to ship to England for the holidays. The instructor for my class told us to buy dark, medium dark, medium, and light fabric in specific quantities. Each week she would tell us what to cut and sew, but we had no idea what the end product would look like. I chose fabrics with a beachy feel because the first time I met my mother in law was in Maui. Making the quilt was very time consuming, but the end product was totally worth it. I'm working on another one right now and I am hoping to have it finished by summer, fingers crossed!

Where can I read more? 
You can find my blog here: http://misscrayolacreepy.blogspot.com/
I'm also in Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/crayolacreepy/


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me!! I am honored to be on your blog :)

  2. That craft space is GLORIOUS!!! Fabulous feature!

  3. I love your craft space too. My cat, named "angry Cat" by my two twin nephews, looks just like your orange cat in the photo. I love quilts but I doubt I have the patience to make any...someday, maybe.

    1. Thank you! Does "Angry Cat" think he is your sewing assistant like mine does? :)

  4. So fun to read more about you, Erin! Also, love the sewing machine cover :)


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