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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ginger, Belts, and Self-Stitched September Days 5, 6, 7, and 8

After a weekend of dancing and one extra day off, I was excited to spend more time in my sewing room. I took the time to get a few projects wrapped up and to work on the belt to go with my previous Rooibos.  In order to keep things nice and organized, let's go through the next four days of Self-Stitched September, and I'll address my new items as we get to them.

Day 5:

What I wore:

Labor Day! I wore my Lemonade at Lunch MTL dress.  The weather was beautiful and I was off to a couple of BBQs with friends.

Day 6:

What I wore:

This is where my new Ginger skirt comes in.  I had some leftover grey suiting from the Rooibos sewalong, and it was just enough to make another Ginger skirt.  After reading Colette's recent 'Snippet' on ways to sew faster, I realized that I really hadn't re-used any patterns.  Ginger was still fresh in my mind, and a great addition to my work wardrobe, that I decided to make another skirt.  Here are the details...

Fabric: leftover grey suiting from Rooibos
Notions: Just a zipper. I didn't use boning this time.

I have to say that I am loving this suiting fabric.  It hangs so nicely and is so easy to work with.  I didn't use boning in the skirt this time, just to mix things up, and it still has a great shape at the waistband.

For Self-Stitched September, I wore my new Ginger skirt with my previous Violet blouse.  

Day 7:

What I wore:

My Colette Sencha Blouse.  I hadn't worn this recently, just because I've had so many options in my closet, but I do love this blouse.  And to be honest - I really just threw this on, with some jeans, for a dentist appointment. I could have stayed in my workout clothes all day, but I forced myself to put myself somewhat together before going out in public.

Day 8:

What I wore:

My recent Rooibos creation with... (drumroll)... my new belt!  A shout-out to reader, Lynn (and the others who commented and emailed me), who reminded me about where I saw it: A Fashionable Stitch.  I had it in my head that it was a brick-and-mortar store, but once I saw her site, the light-bulb went on.

The belt was really easy to put together, just time consuming (as Sunni warns on her blog).  The little Flash image slideshow on her blog walked me through the belt, step-by-step.  

Unfortunately, I didn't have the tool to fasten the eyelets into place, so I just used the round 'eyelet' feature on my sewing machine to make the notches in the belt.

One of my favorite parts of the belt/coolest part to assemble, was covering the actual buckle with my coordinating fabric.  Sunni's kit provided a double-sided adhesive and clear instructions that made it so easy to put together.  I think I may have actually squealed when I finished.

So there you have it! Days 5-8.  So far, Self-Stitched September has been easier than I imagined.  Tune in for more outfits, and details for the next giveaway!


  1. All so cute, but I love the belt! :)

  2. The ginger skirt and violet blouse look fab together, great outfit. And the belt is very impressive! x

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Followed the links from Colette's blog. Cute stuff! If it were me I might shorten the grey ginger skirt just a tad, and maybe take in the sides so it's not quite so flared. I think if you replaced the skirt in that outfit with a black pencil skirt (have you tried Colette's "beignet"?) it would be stunning on you.


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