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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Parading around in polka dots

My latest Fall dress is all about the polka dots.  Since the fabric itself had a lot going on, I wanted a simple design to display the fabric.  I've had Vogue 8473 in my collection for a while and it looked like the dress was simple enough, with just a few darts in the front.

Imagine my surprise when I found that the dress itself only had five pattern pieces.  I think I actually let our a cheer.  The only problem was that the lining was basically repeating the pattern twice. Eh. But I'd rather do that then deal with facings, hand-basting, etc.

Fabric: Brown and white polka dot cotton. Internal lining is a plain brown cotton.
Pattern: Vogue 8473, just the dress for now
Notions: Just a zipper

I love that this pattern only had a few darts on the front bust pieces, and no gathering. So easy!  Assembly was really fast and the directions were very easy to follow.

I'll definitely make this pattern again and I can tell the dress will be one of my Fall staples.


  1. That is really pretty... I've been wanting to make that whole suit for a while now... I like your hat too!

  2. SO CUTE! I absolutely LOVE it! It looks fabulous with that hat too!!! YAY for patterns with only 5 pieces :)

  3. Your fabric choice has so much more life than the brown chosen for the pattern picture. That would not inspire me but yours does. very cool


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