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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Self-Stitched September Day 9 and 10

Two more days of Self-Stitched September complete!

Day 9:

What I wore:

My Colette Parfait - probably the second most worn item that I've made.  To be honest, this was another day that I could have stayed in work-out clothes all day, but I forced myself to change after my Dailey Method class, and went to get drinks with some friends. Sorry for the cleavage shot - I didn't want to stand up in the middle of the restaurant for the picture.

Day 10:

What I wore:

Simplicity 2579... also known as the UFO dress.  I finished this as part of the Sew Weekly challenge in July and have only worn it one other time since.  It was another beautiful day over here and I was out to lunch with a girlfriend.  Wallace was excited to know where I was going.

So tomorrow I'm off to the Gatsby picnic! I hope to meet some Sew Weekly posters, including creator, Mena, and Debi, correspondent from Scotland (so... jealous...).  I'm really excited to go. My period-appropriate dress, parasol, hat, and a lemon cake to contribute to the picnic, are all packed and ready to go!

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