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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Roses Dress

I've been wanting to make the Colette Crepe dress again for some time now, but haven't had the five yards of fabric that just called out to me.  I picked up a Groupon for a fabric shop in San Francisco that specializes in vintage fabrics.  I waited until the last minute to use it, so of course, I ended up making a frantic trip to the city to check out the store, Urban Burp.

The store had a great selection of fabrics - most of which had been part of the owner's personal collection.  The prices ranged from moderate to pretty pricey, but with the Groupon, I felt a little better spending the money.  I ended up getting a little over five yards of a beautiful blue, cotton fabric, with a pink and yellow floral print.  I knew just what to make with it.

Fabric: Vintage, floral cotton
Pattern: Colette Crepe
Notions: Zip, zero, nada! Gotta love Crepe.

I love this version of Crepe! Second time is definitely a charm, especially because the first time I made the pattern, I was still pretty new to sewing garments.  But as usual with Colette patterns, the fit is great and it was easy to assemble.

Our heat wave is only going to last for so long, but I think it'll still work for the rest of the Fall season.



  1. Such a pretty Crepe, I love the vintage fabric! I wish we had nice vintage fabric shops over here...

  2. Very pretty! You make such lovely dresses! I always watch to see what you are making. I really like the fabric. I'm closet fabric hoarder. I can't throw anything away.

  3. LOVE it!!! That fabric is amazing! And it suits the crepe perfectly!!!

  4. This is lovely , I think I need to look into this pattern. How was it to make up.

  5. I love the back of this dress.


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