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Friday, February 10, 2012

Featured Friend: House of Pinheiro

This month's Featured Friend is the beautiful Rachel from House of Pinheiro.  She's another sewing blogger who's following along with the Sew Weekly challenges.  She's made some great creations and has a lovely blog showcasing them.  Make sure you check out her blog this month as she's hosting a Valentine's Giveaway Extravaganza!

What inspires you?
Everything I see end up inspiring me in some way or another. I’m deeply inspired by my country culture {Brazil} specially in the use of colors, prints and shapes. I have a very defined sense of style so I follow my instincts with a brush of the newest trends. I don't want to spend hours and hours in something I can only wear a season. Of course I love fashion and hate boring styles so will make few mistakes here and there. It’s all part of the fun of creating something new.

What is your craft space like?
My 2nd bedroom is my official sewing space, but I need more space and I tend to move to my dining room and just leave things there even if I’m not sewing...  my other half  its now so used to it that when I had to go to Brazil for a back surgery he left my sewing stuff on the table as it would be if I was at home! {Sweet} 
I’m very messy person too, so I will tide my space every 2 weeks ! Or less if I brought something new and I need to re think the space to fit everything. 

Let us in on your stash... what’s coming, what’s in progress, what are you stumped with?
This year will be a challenge to manage sewing with full time MBA and I want to recognise the wonderful support system you get on the online community... I had a little help from friends filling up my blog this Jan so I haven't really sew anything besides my taffy blouse. 

I really want to do a high waist  wide leg pair of trousers as they are really big item this season, complete the colette book and work on 2 UFO  quilts ... 

I’m not a huge planner on what I will sew... I think something I want and just make it ...
What is your favorite craft to work with? 
Besides sewing... my all time favorite is baking. There is something magical when you bake and the glimpse of happiness when people try your food. I also really enjoy learning new techniques so every couple of months I will try something new. I entered some competitions and won! The funny thing is that I only really started to get involved in the domestic gorgeous life style { Baking, sewing, knitting, quilting} back in late 2009  and I never been happier.

I also enjoy making amigurumis and quilting. I’m booked on an embroidery course in march so you will see the result of that soon.

What is your favorite thing that you’ve created so far?
My cape {V8674. Version C} is so luxurious and warm and people always ask me "where did I brought it from? "  Feels amazing. 

I also loved my 1st ever item, a denim skirt {Cynthia Rowley Tulip Skirt 2512 } because sewing was so daunting at the beginning and now its like  second nature, I like to remind myself of situations like that so when things appear to be difficult the best strategy is to just keep persevering. 

Where can I read more? 
You can follow my blog : House of Pinheiro 
Twitter Page: houseOFpinheiro
Facebook Page: House of Pinheiro on FB


  1. Hi Christine, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to say hello to your lovely followers.

  2. I love Rachel's make. She truly is a wonderful sewist with great style.

  3. Rachel is fantastic.. I love,love her blog..She and her crafts/sewing make me happy.. She is so happy ,it spills over.
    I even love her yummy looking cooking dishes..I can't follow her, because our measurements are different, so I have no idea what they are.. but I can 'ALMOST" taste them,they look so yummmy..
    So proud to see you here Rache..

    1. Oh Hun, I didn't know... I will try to have it both measurements next time xx


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