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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sad Little Sheep

So I had my little dance sister over the other night and thought it would be a good time to play around with sheep cake pops.  I thought these would be a fun Easter treat that I wanted to test out ahead of time.  Well, little did I know this night would be known as the 'sheep fiasco.'

Now, I don't normally post my crafting failures because I didn't think anyone would really care to see them, but one of my twitter buddies said she would love to see it.  And it's true! Not everything comes out being a total success.  Every recipe I make doesn't turn out and some of my sewn garments I've never worn again (or you never see because I'm horrified by the result and the pictures should be burned).

Well, onto the sheep.

It started with the fact that cake pops do take a lot of time to make. There are a lot of steps involved.  They're generally easy... if you have patience.  Well, I forgot the fact that in between putting in the stick, you should refrigerate the pops to get a solid base.  We had made all the little sheep faces and cut the legs (chocolate covered pretzels), and I was ready to start coating!  My sheep weren't in the same mindset.  Between falling off of the sticks from the weight of the coating, to slowly being speared to death, they were a sad mess. Legs only made it onto one sheep because I realized the proportion was horribly off, and I was too scared that they'd be falling off all through assembly.

There were a lot of laughs and squeals coming from the kitchen.  Unfortunately there were a handful of sheep pop casualties, and in the end, only three 'made it.'  I need to revisit the process and do it when I have a full day to just assemble pops with the right amount of waiting in between each step.  Until then, I'll stick with regular cupcakes.

The one on the left only survived because we held it up with toothpicks, laughing the whole time.
So readers, let's hear it... do you share your crafting failures? Or are they hidden away, never to be seen again?


  1. OMG..these are ssssooooo cute!! Are these your own design or are these from the cake pop book or some other publication....I just love them!

    1. The cake pops book does have a sheep design but mine were loosely based on them. I didn't have the same candies as she does, and I wanted to work with marzipan as I had for my previous sheep cupcakes. The marzipan was light enough but the legs might have been too heavy (at least in the way I assembled them).

  2. "Between falling off of the sticks from the weight of the coating, to slowly being speared to death, they were a sad mess." Literally laughing out loud right now! Did they shriek in a Scottish accent as they slid down the spears? ;-)

  3. awwwww, It's too bad this was such a stink of a project, cause they are just adorable! Cutest things ever. Thanks for the honesty though! Saves me from experiencing a similar horror trying to recreate their cuteness :) Just found your site- so fun!


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