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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My crafty corner

Here are some pictures of my craft space.  It's still in progress as we recently moved, but I'm having fun putting it together.

Previously I would work on my crafts and practice dancing in our garage... luckily I could move this operation indoors with this new bonus room.

There's space to practice my Irish and Highland dancing, and some storage space for some of my crafts.  I have a little sewing table with the tv conveniently situated so that that I can watch (or usually just listen)  while I craft.

Oh, and this is my cat Simon who looooves to help me craft. That seems to be the #1 time that he wants to snuggle.

Your turn! Tell me about where you do your crafting!


  1. I think this is a lovely room and Simon is a very handsome kitten :-) I notice you didn't mention what you watch while you're working on your crafts :-)

  2. Christine1:15 PM

    Oh, I'm not ashamed. I watch the amazing Highlander tv show thank you very much :p

  3. Quite jealous you have this! I am also sure my mom would be envious of how neat all you crafts are, mine are pretty much all over the place!

  4. Christine9:02 AM

    @Natalie this is only one contained space... they do also kinda explode all over the house. I have all of my knitting and needle crafts in another room. This room just gets the sewing :)


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