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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crazy for cross stitch

Thanks to a crafty friend of mine, I’ve decided to add cross stitch to my craft repetoire.  I’ve been meaning to try it for a while, but never found a pattern I liked.  Teddy bears and kittens weren’t really something I wanted hanging on my wall (sorry, just my own personal taste).  When a fellow Highland dance friend created some tartan patterns, I had to try them out.

I picked up a pattern from her etsy shop, Tartan Hearts, and guessed my way through basic cross stitch materials.  

I wasn’t off by too much in supplies, but I did have to watch some videos to make sure I wasn’t making a mess out of the process.  The video that was a lifesaver was from Yarn Tree on YouTube.  Once I watched it, I was on a roll!

Voila! The final product!  

Thanks Jess!  The pattern was great!


  1. It looks AWESOME! I think the next time I do one I'm going to have to do the grey around the ghillies.

  2. Christine3:07 PM

    I almost didn't do the grey around the ghillies because I like how clean it looked but then I thought the shadowing would look cool. I only made a few hiccups but I think it still came out great!

  3. That turned out very cute!!! Good job!

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