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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Treat Saturdays: Banana Bread

In keeping with the cupcake name, I thought I should post some baking bits on here once in a while.  So welcome to the first edition of Saturday Sweet Treats!  
I had some overripe bananas hanging around, so I browsed some of my favorite baking blogs until I found the perfect recipe.  Smitten Kitchen had a recipe for some ‘jack’d up banana bread.’  I followed the recipe exactly, as I like to make any modifications after I’ve tried the original version.  This one doesn’t need any changes!  I did include the ‘optional’ tablespoon of bourbon; I highly recommend it.  I had enough batter to make one regular loaf and a mini one.

I’m definitely going to be adding this to my recipe collection.  It turned out great!  If you have bananas on hand, give them a few extra days to ripen and whip up this recipe.

1 comment:

  1. Everything's better with a little bourbon! Looks yummy.


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