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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bedside Intruder

So my gf and I are big fans of the Antoine Dodson Bedside Intruder song... so much so that it's our ringtones and currently one of our favorite things to quote to each other.  She's playing hostess for me while I'm in SoCal for a dance workshop, so I thought I'd make her a little hostess gift.

I didn't have a ton of time to put it together as I've been trying to make progress on my sew along raincoat , so unfortunately, there's no border. But I think it still works... :)

In case you are one of the few who haven't seen this amazing phenomenon, here are a couple of links to watch:

The original news video

The song created from said video

Antoine Dodson's website

Some people think the whole thing is crude, but hey, with his new-found fame and donations from 'fans', he was able to move his family out of the projects.

And P.S. Thanks for Subversive Cross Stitch for the alphabet and the idea to make something other than kitties and unicorns on cross stitch.


  1. You are my idol. I might have to copy this. There's also a text chart generator, with different fonts, here: http://www.stitchpoint.com/eng/tool/alph/_alphabet_generator.php (Of course, I LOVE the Dublin one.)

    I'm running the song through my head trying to pick the perfect line. They're all so good!

  2. Did she like it?

  3. Deborah Secrest9:28 PM

    Christine . . . you never cease to surprise me. Don't ever get too busy to be my friend! <3

  4. Christine9:01 AM

    It's sitting proudly on her mantle :)

  5. deborah Secrest7:03 PM

    Love the raincoat, love the apple crisp photo! Very nicely done!

  6. LMAO my friends at school and I also quote this to each other. It was incredibly hilarious when one of their son's came over to visit and called my bf the "rapist in Licoln Park", my bf has never seen the youtube sensation and was completely flabbergasted, I couldn't stop laughing.


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