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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lady Grey’s Sew Along Update

Time for an update on my raincoat!  As one of my first posts mentioned, I didn’t have the Lady Grey pattern yet so I started with the Amy Butler Rainy Days raincoat.  The pattern has now arrived so I’ll start on that jacket after I finish the raincoat... which is progressing nicely!

I started with the lining. As I wasn’t doing a muslin version of this coat, I’ve been meticulous with my sewing and marking.  This has been a pretty easy pattern so far and apparel sewing is still new to me.  The hardest part was the sleeves but only because I’m not a fan of sewing gathered materials.  It wasn’t too painful - I just used a lot of pins!

I didn’t hem the length of anything yet (as you can see, the sleeves are a little long) as this is just the lining and I can cut back anything that is too long for the final jacket.  Aside from the length, I really like the fit.  I just put a little pin in front to get an idea of what it will look like closed.

I started stitching the oilcloth material.  I’ll be using binder clips and paper clips instead of pins to avoid any excessive puncture marks.  So far so good! Hopefully I’ll be done with the jacket in the next week.  I’m going to a dance workshop this weekend so anything I don’t finish in the next couple of days will have to wait until next week.  It’s been a quick sew so far, but I’m going to take my time putting the oilcloth together to avoid any scary mistakes.  More coming soon!


  1. It looks awesome so far! Like it will fit really well.

    What workshop are you doing? (Highland or Irish would be the important question, I guess.)

  2. What kind of sewing machine needle are you going to use with the oilcloth?

  3. Christine2:32 PM

    @Jess: Thanks! I love the fit. Like a glooove! I'm doing the BATD workshop this weekend :)

    @Elle: I'm just using the standard machine needle. On some blogs that I read, they said I shouldn't need anything special, just a different presser foot or to even put scotch tape to reduce the stick. The needle didn't have any problems with the oilcloth, but I also made sure to get one of the thinner fabrics.


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