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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Super Easy Pet Blankets

Many of my friends have fur babies, and several became new parents this year. I’ve started assembling their Christmas blankets and as the weather starts to cool, it feels like the perfect time to work on this project.
Not only is this craft ridiculously easy and fast to whip up, but any extras you can make into blankets to be donated to your local animal shelter. The blankets are comfy, easy to clean, and pets will love them.  
My fleece choices. Two pattern pairs.
I am showing two options: non-sew and sew, but there are so many other combinations that you can do. 

Non-Sew Option

You can use one design where 1/2 - 1 yard will make one blanket.  If you use two different prints, you can probably get two blankets out of the fabric.

Two prints, wrong sides in the middle.
Once you have found a fleece design(s) that you like, cut into your desired size.  For a small to medium dog, I would recommend 36” square and move up from there.  Keep in mind that you’ll be losing 4” all around the blanket from the ties, so you may want to start large.  If you’re doing two patterns, cut out another piece into the same size.  

Cutting 4" strips around the side of the blanket, approx. 1" apart.
Place wrong sides together.  Cut 4” (approx... I’ve found that 4” or more work best to tie the knots) ‘strips’ 1” apart down each side of the blanket.  You will be cutting around the entire blanket.

Starting to tie double knots from the strips.
Once you have cut strips around the entire blanket, begin tying each pair (one from each side of the blanket).  I like to leave the last pair on each corner untied and snip them off once I have tied all of the ties.  I think it lays better that way.

Completed tie blanket.  If you trim longer strips around the edge, you won't have to tie your knots too tight and it will lay flat.  Just keep in mind the final blanket size when factoring in the size of your cut strips.
Sew Option
Choose your fabric (same as above instructions) and cut to desired size.  You don’t lose as much fabric around the edges so you can be closer to the actual size desired.  I use a 36” square for my medium size dog and it’s perfect for him.

Place right sides together and stitch the fleece together. I did a 3/4” edge.  Leave an opening in the middle of one side to invert the blanket inside out.

Opening to invert the blanket.
Once you have stitched all the way around, trim the corners so that they lay flat when inverted.  Turn the blanket inside out by pulling the fabric through the opening.  Finger press the sides flat and push the corners out.  

Pining the opening closed in preparation to stitch the edges.
Once you have flattened out the blanket, pin the opening inside in preparation to sew it closed.  Stitch the edge ultimately closing the opening and creating a small border.

Blanket complete! Showing double sides.
I like to just fold the blanket up, tie a bow around it and add a pet treat or toy.

Some finished blankets with their treats.
There you have it! An uber easy gift for your pet lover friends or your own fur baby.  

Wallace's new blanket is in place.
So comfy.

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  1. Both options turn out very cute, thanks for the how-to on the non-sew one!


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