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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kiss the cook

I have a thing for aprons... but that's another post.  In my hunt for cute apron patterns I came across the Sew Liberated Emmeline.  It's a reversible apron with a ruched top.  I love having options so having a double sided apron seemed to offer more bang for the buck.

This was another project that came together really fast.  It would be great to put together for a holiday gift.  I picked out two Amy Butler fabrics; one of which is actually the same one I used for the Frenchy bag.  I wanted to make sure that the fabrics I used had a corresponding color to tie everything together with the accent ties and top.


  1. Ya know -- I was thinking tonight -- I wish I had a manly apron...

  2. Is that like a 'murse?' Sure, I'll make you a 'mapron.' Ha!

  3. Such a cute apron! I'm going to make myself some for work, and some special ones for St. Patrick's Day. I just have to, you know, decide on fabrics and a pattern.


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