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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie...

Well, it’s not a bikini, but it is a polka dot dress!  I was inspired by a dress on display at my local craft shop.  I loved the fabric and had actually intended it for another project, when I remembered that I had an Amy Butler dress that I’d been wanting to complete.  

The pattern was incredibly easy! It was so fast to put together, with the only problem I encountered being that I didn’t realize it was supposed to have lining.  Somehow I missed that part when purchasing the fabric, cutting the patterns, and reading the directions.  Luckily the fabric I used was a nice cotton that wasn’t too thin.  I had my heart set on completing the dress so I decided to omit the lining.  I think the seams would have been nicer with it, but the brown thread complemented the design.  

I’m also not a huge fan of fitted short sleeves so I tried it on without the bias edge... and really liked the look.  So I left them out.  
Overall I’m extremely pleased with this dress and pattern.  I can definitely see myself using the pattern again with some other fun combinations, or even in a solid.  I love the vintage, classic look of the dress.  

Lovely image of the trash can behind me.  Apparently it was too early to notice such details.  Oh, and it definitely needs to be pressed.

The finishing touch? A green flower pin that I've had sitting in my jewelry box for years.  I bring it out occasionally but I think it's found a new home on this dress.


  1. That is unbelievably cute! I love the fabrics that you chose. They make it look vintage-y without being too much so. And I definitely agree with you on the sleeves!

    I love it when new and old pieces work together so well.

  2. No fair! I was expecting to see bikini shots... :-)

  3. It's gorgeous, I'm a big fan of vintage look clothes AND polka dots!

  4. Your dress is adorable! I love the combination of the dots with block brown, plus you look really good in it :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I've been obsessed with polka dots recently, and to find them in green and brown was exciting! My local fabric store has some other great combinations as well as a whole collection of vintage inspired fabrics. I can't wait to use some of them on additional projects.


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