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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy days heat wave!

I have been determined to finish my Rainy Days coat this week and of course, a random heat wave hits the Bay Area.  Regardless, I finally decided how to proceed with my jacket and the plan of attack!  I was torn between buttons, a zipper, or just a tie closure.  I haven’t tackled buttons before and by the time I had started thinking about the closure, I realized I had already sealed the ‘button’ area and would have to do a bit of backtracking to put them in.  I like the ease of zippers, especially on a rainy day, so that route won the closure contest.


Putting in the zipper was easy, but it was definitely the point where I needed to tape my presser foot.  The oil cloth was too sticky alone, but just a small piece of invisible tape on the presser foot worked wonders. 

I had also decided to do the pleated pocket. It comes with a top flap, but I actually liked the look without it.  I don’t know if it’s because that part of the pattern was hard to match up but I thought it looked fine without the top.  I did make it and put it to the side in case I decide that the functionality will be more important... I never really use pockets on my rain coats though I do like to have them.  I also made the sash but didn't think the coat needed it with the zipper.  Again, may change my mind, but for now decided to do with out.

So now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some rain.  Even a light drizzle would be nice; anything that would give me an excuse to go out in my new rain coat!


  1. You didn't mention that I offered to spray you with the hose...

  2. No need - it's finally raining!

  3. A bit late here, but just searched for anyone who'd made this raincoat and saw that you did! Have you worn it much? Would you recommend the pattern? I'm torn between just buying one (I know, I know) and braving the oilcloth...


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