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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FO: Colette Crepe Dress

It’s official! I’ve finished my first sewn garment that I made 100% by myself.  I haven’t had a chance to get out and pick up the closing pieces to my raincoat but luckily I had the new Colette Crepe wrap dress pattern that required no closures or any other items that I didn’t have handy.  All that was needed was the fabric and interfacing. 


Back view

This dress was rated at the beginner level which I thought was appropriate since I had technically only ever made clothing pieces with the help of friends.  The pattern came with a short instruction ‘book’ that walked me through the creation process step-by-step.  

Close up of the fabric.

I found this fun fabric at my local fabric and yarn store, Bobbin’s Nest.  When I buy clothes for myself, I tend to go for basics and solid colors, so I decided this dress should be something fun that I wouldn’t be able to pick up just anywhere.  To be a little safe still, I chose the accent ribbon in black.

The top is almost complete.  Wallace approves.

I followed the pattern exactly with one minor modification.  The pattern comes with two neckline versions.  Version 1 is the pattern I followed: a rounded neckline.  Version 2 had a more shaped neckline but was also the version that had a contrasting sash.  I decided to go with Version 1 but swap in the different colored sash.

Attaching the top to the skirt.

The pattern was extremely easy to follow.  The dress fits great and I think one of my favorite features is the pockets.  I also liked the final length, so I hemmed it as is, but I may eventually shorten it a bit. 

Tobey guards the sewing machine.

As usual, my cats decided to help continuously through the process.  Once I made it to the final steps, it wasn’t a problem, but between their naps on the fabric, or grooming on my sewing table, we had a few battles.  In the end, I think they can claim victory.

Simon conducts quality control.


  1. The dress looks amazing on you love! Just enough time for my Star Fleet uniform before Christmas now :-)

  2. It's fab! I've just bought the Crepe pattern so it's good to see it made up into such a lovely dress.

  3. Your fabric is great! And the fit on you is perfect. Looks beautiful!

  4. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I am half done cutting my fabric for this pattern. I'm encouraged to see such a lovely finished work! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Christine10:47 PM

    Thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to be making this again - I think in a lighter fabric just to see how it feels. I do love the stiffness of the cotton dress. I think it hangs really nice.

    The best part of the whole thing was going out and wearing something I actually made. It's such a satisfying feeling! I can't wait to make my next article of clothing.

  6. Another pretty dress, I really like your creations! Also your cats are tooooo cute^^

  7. Your dress looks fabulous!! I want to make this so I am glad to read your happy dress story, and see Wallace and the cats!! You did such a good job for your first sewing thing!!!

  8. Wow, for a beginner you did an amazing job on these two dresses. Spotted you on Sew Retro, by the way. Both fabrics are fun and you picked patterns that compliment your figure well. Great job!

  9. That is beautiful! I love it.

    Quick question - did you find that you needed all the fabric that's called for in the pattern? I want to make it up too, but it just seems like a lot of fabric, so I"m curious.

  10. Your dress is very pretty. Was this a quilting cotton or something else? I'm trying to decide what fabric to use for this dress. thanks.

  11. An answer to your questions:

    @Jessica: I didn't use allll of the fabric but probably only by 1/2 a yard. It does take up surprisingly a lot of fabric due to the many layers to make the wrap.

    @Ginger: I'm pretty sure it was quilting cotton... it was a bit heavier but I just loved the pattern :) It does wear really well too.

  12. Thanks Christine!

  13. i'm making this dress now but having trouble sewing in the sleeve facings (i'm a beginner). any tips?

  14. I love your dress.. the fabric is so fun.

    I made a Crepe too.. but alas, I burnt the fabric in my over zealous attempt to iron it.. *sobs*

    but that means I get to sew another one.. *grinz*


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