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Friday, February 25, 2011

Featured Friend Friday! Casey's Elegant Musings

Having the opportunity to interview Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings is such a gushing fan moment for me.  I stumbled upon her blog over a year ago when I was surfing YouTube for some new, vintage inspired hair styles.  Casey's video was one of the first I found which then led me to her website.  I was in awe over her gorgeous vintage styling, sewing projects, and finds.  I was hooked and my first blog was officially 'followed'.

Once I started regularly following Casey, I became more and more envious of the clothing she was making.  My basic machine knowledge had only ever made a quilt and some pajama pants, but soon, she had me convinced that I could do more.  And thus my sewing journey, and this blog started...

I hope you enjoy the interview!  If you haven't already heard of Casey (what?!), go check out her blog, pronto!

02.02.11 | outfit: a bookish sort

What inspires you?

Where to begin?! I have always been a visual person, so scenes and images have served as my greatest source of inspiration. Blogs have been a great place to gather ideas over the past few years--I have so many favorites ranging from well-established craft blogs to just-started personal style ones in my reader. Tumblr is something I started using in the past year that has served as a great spot to gather and catalog all sorts of images virtually. I also can't fail to mention my love of fashion history books and classic movies--and music too! Certain music never fails to put me in a creative mood and inspire me to make things.

12.01.10 | snail's pace sewing

What is your craft space like?

I'm fortunate to have about half of a spare room right now as my craft/sewing space. Along one wall is a table that holds my sewing machine and serger, and a few storage units to hold odds and ends. The wall next to that has a window, but also houses my rotating display of vintage clothing that I hang on the wall (as "art"!) to inspire me. The next wall has a couple of shelving units that I use to hold the majority of my crafty supplies (although I do have a bit stashed in the closet as well--yarn and scraps mostly!). I try to keep it neat and tidy, but that isn't always easy! One thing I also use my creative space for is to hang and display things that are inspiring me at the moment. I have a large cork board with all sorts of odds and ends tacked to it, a little clip-mobile hanging over my sewing machine, and a few "inspiration wires". It's a great way to keep the current ideas easily visible!

03.30.10 {vintage pattern finds}

Let us in on your stash... what's coming, what's in progress, what are you stumped with?

Let's start with the "stumped" part... I have more than a couple UFO's lurking in various corners and stuffed in bags. Mostly of the knitting sort; although I love knitting, it's a craft that tends to go through fits and starts with me; I'm much  more consistent with other crafts. Right now there are a couple half-finished sweaters waiting for me to be re-inspired to knit! Right now I'm working on a dress for a sew-along that I'm running on my blog around a reproduction 40s dress pattern. It's my main project right now--I'm trying to focus on completing the sew-along and not get too distracted. But things that have been grabbing my attention for projects in the next couple months: a 1910s inspired blouse, working on some home decor projects, and finishing a little menagerie of crocheted sea critters I started last December.

06.08.10 {peter rabbit bag}

01.06.10 | first knitting project of 2011

What is your favorite craft to work with?

Definitely sewing--if I could, I'd eat, sleep and breathe sewing! It captured my interest when I was a little girl, and it still never ceases to fascinate and inspire me. I do enjoy other handcrafts--knitting vintage sweater (I discovered I just don't like knitting other things like socks; although hats and mittens are okay. But sweaters are what I adore!), crocheting (recently re-taught myself late last year!), embroidery and the occasional paper-craft. I've also been dabbling in millinery, which is a lot of fun but I tend to take forever to complete a project! But the one I always come back to again and again is sewing. Partly it's because I love fashion (especially fashions inspired by looks of eras past), but the puzzle of figuring out construction means that each new project can present a challenge to be solved. If you visited my house you could tell I am a big sewing-addict; half the books I own revolve around sewing! lol.

08.12.10 {adventures in hatmaking}

What is your favorite thing that you've created so far?

Tough one! I usually say that every new project is my favorite, and maybe that is because I always learn something new with each project and feel like the newest is always my best up to this point. I would have to say that a project that really caught my fancy is the 30s inspired blouse I created with the Sewaholic "Pendrell" blouse pattern recently. I just love the soft, vintage inspired femininity of the piece--and the fabric is a lovely piece of lawn I picked up last year and had been hoarding. It's the perfect spring piece!

02.07.11 | modern thirties blouse

Where can I read more?

I blog most often at Elegant Musings and write about all sorts of things: from sewing (of course!) to vintage fashion to cooking. I also post a lot on my Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook.

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  1. Just stopping by to say a BIG THANK YOU for interviewing me!!!! :)

    ♥ Casey


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