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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In a chatty mood today so I decided to do a quick survey from Night Owl Crafting.


1. What did you get/give for Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day is pretty low-key for the hubby and I.  He got me a few dozen of my favorite flowers (daffodils and tulips) and I got him a video game that he's been wanting.

2. Do you have a vacation planned in the next couple of months or in the summer?
Voyage to the Homeland 2011! Planning a trip to Scotland in August and trying to decide a possible second location along the way.  It's a toss-up between the Lake District of England, Northern Wales, or Northern Ireland.  Any recommendations?

3. What is one thing you do to pamper yourself?
Allowing myself craft time.  And the ocassional massage to offset all of the dancing that I do.

4. What sparks your interest to other people's blogs?
I love to see what crafty things people are up to! So many blogs inspire me that I'm always wanting to try new projects or live vicariously through others and their crafts.

5. What kind of a mood are you in today?
Little Miss Chatterbox.

What about you? Any fun answers to these questions? Oh, and I really would love your recommendations regarding question 2.  Thanks and happy Wednesday!


  1. For number two, I can say that both the Lake District and Wales are lovely! :) I can't recall if I've been to the former, but I've heard a lot about it- my relatives are all in England. And I've been to Wales, and I loved it. :)

    Have fun on your trip!


    1. I got a lot of candy, gave a few hugs, and that's about it.

    2. England, hopefully Wales, too! And I'm heading to Seattle for Dance for Life in July. :)

    3. I love making creams and bath salts and stuff- and occasionally use them myself instead of giving them as gifts!

    4. If they'e about crafts (particularly soap or stuff!) or Irish dance and are well-written (conventions, conventions, conventions! I need to have the words 'Grammar Nazi' tattooed on my forehead.) then I'll probably read them. :)

    5. Half through the roof with joy and half below the floor with annoyance at the weather.

  2. I really want to go to both but I'm just so torn! I think it's going to depend where we fly into. We're definitely going to Scotland as we'll be there for the Cowal Highland Games and dance World Championships... just want to visit one of the other three places as I've never been.

    Oh, and I'm going to Seattle too in March for a feis! I've only been for work some I'm excited to be a tourist. Depending on how it goes, I may try to make more trips out there to compete. Are you going to the early March comp there?

    Love the mood by the way. Ha!

  3. I hope you get to go to both, then! :)

    Tell us how it goes. :D

    My first feis will be in June, so I can't go to the one during March. :( Wish I could, though! Next year, maybe!

    Are you going to Feis Orange County? Or Comerford Feile na Nollaig? Or Feile Samhain? Or the Portland Feis? :)

    And thanks. :D

  4. Alas, I probably won't be going to any of those. I generally feis in the Northern California area with the occasional SoCal feis. Seattle is the farthest I've traveled for an Irish competition so far, Las Vegas the farthest for Scottish (well, until I do Scotland in August that is). Good luck on your first feis though!!

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