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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Something old, something new... and a trip to Disneyland

No, this is not a wedding post, but I did pick up a few things during my vacation weekend in Southern California.  First, my friend gifted me a book of her grandmothers'.  I never would have known to pick this book up on my own, but it turned out to be an amazing gift!  It's the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.  It's a crafter's dream!  It has every type of needlework that I've ever wondered about, including some great information about the few that I do.  I can't wait to try out some of the techniques on lacework and needlepoint, but along the same lines, it taught me some new techniques for the crochet project that I was working on this weekend.  I was gushing about the book all weekend and can't wait to spend more time pouring through it.

In addition, while shopping in downtown Orange, California, I found a cute store called the Heavenly Hostess.  They had some great items, and while I was there I stumbled upon the book Blogging for Bliss: Crafting Your Own Online Journal.  I've been reading a lot of blog and blogging articles recently to continuously improve What's Up Cupcake, so I was really excited to find this book.  Even more so when I found some of the blogs I already frequent in there such as Posie Gets Cosie and Angry Chicken.  I've learned some fun things already and am looking forward to applying them to the blog.

In addition to reading, I cranked out a new scarf based off of the previous Tea Scarf pattern that I made back in December.  I had some great yarn from Three Irish Girls that had been waiting to be used, and I knew this pattern would be perfect.  I'll detail my adjustments to the pattern below, but definitely check out the original pattern here.  I'm calling my variation the Sherbert scarf.  The colors alone make me want a scoop of rainbow sherbert, but I thought this tweaked version needed it's own name.

Sherbert Scarf
Chunky, worsted weight yarn.  I also used size 8mm crochet hook because I didn't have a 7mm on hand

Row 1: CO (ch) 140
Row 2: Ch 3 for turning chain, then DC into each base chain
Row 3&4: Ch 3 for turning chain, SC, DC into turning chain, then *DC, ch 1, DC; repeat from *in each chain around the scarf, ending where you began
Row 5: Ch 3 for turning chain, then DC into each base chain
Row 6&7: Repeat pattern from rows 3&4
Row 8: Ch 3 for turning chain, then DC into each base chain
Row 9: Ch 2 for turning chain, then Ch into each base chain

Weave in the ends.

And finally, what trip to Southern California is complete without a stop by Disneyland? During my craft shopping, I picked up a new copy of Cross-Stitch & Needlework as it featured some lovely St. Patrick's Day items. While hanging out at Disneyland, I spotted a small green display in honor of my favorite holiday, so I had to pick up one of their St. Patrick's Day Mickey's.  Isn't he cute?

So now you tell me - what are you favorite craft books or magazines? Anything you couldn't live without or can't wait to own?

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  2. Thanks Cheri! Glad you like it and thanks for following :)


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