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Friday, February 04, 2011

Marie Skirt Sew Along Progress

I've been working on the Marie skirt sew along - for once actually close to on time with the sew along progress.  It's coming along really fast and luckily I didn't add pockets (it looks like there were some hiccups in the original plan to add pockets).

Assembled the pattern and ready to cutout the fabric

I just need to pickup a zipper but then I'll be ready to finish off the skirt and hem the bottom.

I still need to press the pleats

I really like the shape. I was worried about the 'bubble' aspect at the hips, but it's pretty cute.  I'm going away for the weekend (Disneyland!!!) but I'm hoping to pick up the zipper and finish it off next week.


  1. I know I am probably in the minority of women, but I like shapes that are fuller on the bottom. They make your waist look smaller!

    The skirt looks like it's going to be super super cute!

  2. omg I LOOVE it!! you're so talented! maybe someday you will learn to make kilts!! ;)


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