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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Me Made May: Day 7-12

On to the next 6 days of Me Made May!

It's not exactly hard, but I do lack creativity in my wardrobe which becomes extremely evident during these self-made months.  Well, we're almost halfway there!

Day 7
What I Wore: It was a beautiful day outside. Wore my Jumping in Puddles dress.
What I Did: Worked from home, dance class in the evening. Wore workout clothes to that.

Day 8
What I Wore: Colette Clovers and my You've Got Me Collared blouse.
What I Did: Worked.

Day 9
What I Wore: My Modern Garden Party dress. I wore a grey sweater with it during the day.
What I Did: Worked during the day then the sewing meet up in the evening!

Day 10
What I Wore: Colette Ginger and my Peter Pan Polka Dots blouse
What I Did: Went into the office. Busy bee.

Day 11
What I Wore: My first Parfait dress.  Still a favorite.
What I Did: Wore it after a long day of work. Relaxed in the backyard with some BBQ and a glass of wine.

Day 12
What I Wore: My Flowers in Paradise Lonsdale dress.
What I Did: In the morning, the hubby and I participated in the local 5k then I went to workout at the Dailey Method.  Afterwards I pretty much spent my day wearing this dress while enjoying the sunshine.

Time to plan for another week!


  1. You do so much sewing. I am very envious. I love all the dresses- especially the Lonsdale. I just ordered that pattern so I am waiting for it to arrive.

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I really love the Lonsdale dress you wore on Day 12. The criss cross neckline does wonders for you!

  3. No way am I believing you're lacking in creativity, girl! Day 12 dress? Wow!


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