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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back at 2011...

Before I look to 2012, I want to take a peek at what I did in 2011 and check in on the New Year's resolutions I set back then.   A condensed refresher:

1. A minimum of one garment per month.
2. Try more advanced sewing techniques.
3. Work on my yarn stash.
4. Finish off some cross stitch patterns.
5. Make some cross stitch patterns.

Now, did I meet them?

In 2011, I made:
* 16 dresses
* 5 skirts
* 6 tops
* 3 jackets
* 2 pairs of pants (one was pajama pants)
* 2 Halloween costumes
* 1 comforter

I didn't complete any sewing projects in the months of November or May.  In November, I was pretty busy prepping for my dance competition and undergoing surgery, and in May we travelled a little bit and I had just completed the Spring challenge - so I think I was a little done with the sewing machine for a while.  But I did average far more than the one item per month, so I'm going to consider that 'checked' off.    More details on my 2012 goals later, but I do hope not to take any whole months off from completing garments this time.

I made our Halloween costumes this year.  Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep.

I also tried quite a few more advanced sewing techniques and think that I definitely met my second goal.  For one thing, I now love buttons! I remember that task used to terrify me, and I refused to buy the beignet skirt from Colette because of it.  But making her Ceylon dress definitely encouraged me to learn buttons the right way and now button holes and attaching buttons are a breeze.  Though it also helps that I upgraded my sewing machine in 2011.  I went from el cheap-o to my fancy pants new machine (still affordable and not necessarily top of the line) and also took some classes that helped explain how to do the advanced techniques on it.  Oh and invisible zippers? Well if you haven't seen my Celebration dress yet, check it out, because I do think that qualifies as an awesome invisible zipper installation.

One of my favorite dresses from this year. I love Colette patterns! I made this during Self-Stitched September. My first time participating in this type of challenge.
I did a bit of knitting and crochet that made a small dent in my stash, but I don't always post those completed projects on here.  I did buy a little bit of yarn this year, but nothing that made an impact of my stash.  I just need to keep at it and not buy yarn until I have at least one bin empty (I have about 4 fabric bins of yarn).

I also finished off 3 cross stitch patterns and only have one or two of my larger old ones still in progress.  I've tried to keep those projects manageable and not start any new ones until I can complete the ones I already started.

I also tried other types of embroidery techniques.
I did make a few patterns for cross stitch but I haven't made them up yet.  I think this goal is just going to continue on through 2012.

Lastly, let's not forget about Sweet Treats Saturday.  I posted a recipe every Saturday in 2011!  I also created an Archive page so that you can easily browse the different treats by category.  I try to update it at least bi-weekly with the new posts that go up.  Hopefully that has been a helpful resource.

One of the most popular Sweet Treats recipes that I posted this year.   Coconut sheep cupcakes.
All in all, it was a good, crafty year!  I feel much more confident in my sewing skills and now look forward to trying new techniques and designs.  I'm excited for what 2012 has to offer!

So what about you? What was your biggest accomplishment for 2011?  Wishing you the best for the New Year!

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  1. Wow, you were very busy in 2011. I LOVE the coconut cupcakes! I wish you many successes in 2012!


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